21 maggio 2013

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Fifth Annual EBCALA
Legal Training Conference
Autism One • May 23-25, 2013

We hope we'll be seeing you at our fifth annual conference in Chicago during Autism One. In addition to our training sessions listed below, be sure to stop by our exhibition table.
Multiple Autism Law Topics provide a thorough overview of the many legal challenges facing the autism community. This track pulls together tremendous lawyers and advocates who are fighting for justice for the autism community.
  • Know Your Parental Rights with DSM5 ASD Changes
  • Know Your Family Law Rights
  • Navigating the Maze of Health Insurance for Autism-related Interventions
  • An Update on Congress, Autism and the VICP
  • Know Your Vaccine Exemption Rights
Speakers & Moderators:Kevin Barry, Esq., Mark Blaxill, MBA, Lou Conte, Rick Ellis, PhD, Karen Fessel, Dr PH, Mary Holland, Esq., Rolf Hazelhurst, Esq., Brian Hooker, Steven Kosser, Bob Krakow, Esq., Mitchel Perlman, PhD, Kim Mack Rosenberg, Esq., and Katie Weisman.

Special Education Law Day is an intensive day of training designed to get parents up to speed quickly and become a more effective advocate for their child. Parents will learn the basic concepts of special education law, the importance of strategizing and how to use this knowledge to gain control of their child’s education.
  • IDEA Overview
  • Preparing for Advocacy
  • Assessments & Evaluations
  • IEP Strategy
  • Advanced Special Education Case Studies
  • Questions & Answers
Speakers:Timothy Adams, Esq., Lynne Arnold, Jennifer Keefe, Esq. and Mitchel Perlman, PhD.

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